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There is no doubt -- education is one of the most valuable and important aspects of contemporary society. Overseas internships, and practical training has become tremendously popular in Ukraine and it’s gaining a global phenomenon. Skills and knowledge gained overseas give a significant advantage in pursuing a dream career; it considerably increases chances for better employment in the home country. A growing number of Ukrainians travel across the borders every year to advance their knowledge, skills, and professional experience through a network of international exchange programs. The International Youth Center presents a great selection of internship/traineeship placements and work opportunities in the USA, EU, Australia, and New Zealand. Applicants are offered various types of work placements for the duration of time anywhere from 4 and up to 12 months. For over six years, the IYC has offered many young adults the opportunity of a lifetime.


  • Develop educational and intercultural connection between Ukraine and other nations.
  • Promote international awareness, understanding, respect and friendship through providing opportunities for young individuals to participate in various Exchange Programs and undertake job positions throughout the world.
  • Assist students, resent graduates and young professionals from Ukraine to broaden and secure their professional knowledge and skills through participation in exchange practical trainings and work-experience schemes abroad.
  • Provide affordable, high quality practical and educational training for young Ukrainians, and improve their career opportunities in the home country.


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